Pressure fitting set Bx G1/8” male to G1/8" (INT60) and G1/4" (EXT60)

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Product code:
Pressure fitting type:
Bx G1/8
Pressure rating:
Up to 40 bar
Pressure fitting type:

Product Overview

This pressure fitting set is included with the Beamex PGC pump kit and can also be purchased separately.

The set includes:

  • Bx G1/8" male to (ISO228) G1/4" female, with two seals (in picture: thick black and white seals). For connecting to high pressure EXT modules (60 to 1000 bar) or a device under test. Fitting max nominal pressure 40 bar / 580 psi.
  • Bx G1/8" male to (ISO228) G1/8" male, with one o-ring (in picture: thin black o-ring). For connecting to internal pressure modules (60 to 160 bar).