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Pressure module fitting G1/8" male to Bx G1/8" male

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Product code:
Pressure fitting type:
Bx G1/8
Pressure fitting type:
Pressure rating:
40 bar

Product Overview

Pressure module fitting G1/8" male to Bx G1/8" male is used for connecting Beamex 40 bar hoses to internal high pressure modules with G1/8” female thread (P60, P100, P160 in MC6 family, NPM160 in MC4, IPM160 in MC2. Note that on MC6 and MC6-Ex calibrators manufactured after 31.1.2023, you first need to detached the preassembled Bx 1215 fitting). This fitting can also be used as a spare part for internal and external pressure modules 100m to 20C (this is the standard fitting on these modules, installed at Beamex).

Note! Always use O-ring 10.1*1.6 mm (7400380) together with this fitting for a good seal. Both the O-ring and this fitting are included in the set 8003100. 

Note! Never exceed the maximum working pressure of the hose when using the 40 bar hose with high pressure modules.