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Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to G1/4" B female


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Bx 1215
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Product Overview

Pressure fitting Bx 1215 male to G1/4" B female can be used for connecting Beamex 630 bar hoses to external high pressure modules EXT60...EXT600 or panel-mounted modules P250 or P600 with G1/4” B male thread. This fitting is also included in 630 bar T-hose sets 8003370 and 8170200.

Note! Never exceed the maximum working pressure of the pressure module!

This fitting can also be used to connect 630 bar hose to a device under test with G1/4” B male thread or with 1000 bar fittings included in set 0809180 to make 630 bar hoses compatible with various G threads.