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PGHH full service kit


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Product Overview

PGHH full service kit includes spare parts for complete maintenance of the pump. The service kit includes internal parts that require opening the pump. Working with the service kit is only allowed for skilled personnel. The items in the kit have been packed in small plastic bags to keep the items for different parts of the pump separated. The instructional video shows how to perform the service step by step. Watch video
"Items for top of the pump
- 2 x O-rings 67*3 mm for reservoir
- O-ring 8*2 mm for reservoir filling plug
- bonded seal M8 for output fitting
- pressure compensation screw with PVC gasket

Items for fine adjust
- bonded seal 1/4"" to be used between fine adjust and top part
- fine adjust piston seal, O-ring 3*1.5 mm and its support ring

Items for vent valve (see instructional video for changing the vent valve in Watch video
- bonded seal 1/8” to be used between vent valve and pump top part
- 6 mm release valve ball to be used for pumps with S/N 04/22 0001 and later
- 5 mm release valve ball for older pumps
- O-ring 4*2 mm for vent valve mechanism

Items for pressure cylinder
- 2 x check valve with springs and O-rings 2.5*1 mm
- O-rings 10*2 mm, 14.3*2.4 mm and 15*2.5 mm for pressure cylinder
- connector for liquid suction hose

Items for bottom of the pump
- reservoir drain screw DIN 912 M5*6 with O-ring 4*2
- 2 x O-rings 8*2 mm for the pin bolts
- piston seal, O-ring 3*1.5 mm and its support ring
- 2 x cable tie to protect the stroke selector Prime/High

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