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Product Overview

The Beamex smart reference probe is a high-quality and extremely stable PRT probe with an integrated memory that stores the individual sensor coefficients. The sensor works as plug-and-play with Beamex MC6-T and Beamex FB and MB series of temperature blocks (R model). The temperature block automatically reads the sensor coefficients from the sensor and makes the necessary adjustments. This eliminates the need to enter the coefficients manually. The sensor is available as a 300 mm straight version or a 230 mm 90° bent version, making it an ideal reference sensor for the Beamex temperature block.

The sensor comes with a smart 6-pin Lemo connector as standard.

Max 660 °C (1220 °F)

Length: 230 mm. 90° angled.

Accredited calibration certificate RPRT-660-230A: with with 5 calibration points as standard (+0, +156, +240, +420 and +660 in °C).

Technical specifications: https://www.beamex.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Beamex-smart-reference-probes-brochure-ENG.pdf