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PGHH piston and handle assembly


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Product Overview

The preassembled bottom part of the PGHH pump includes handles and main piston with piston seal and its support ring. If some of the handle rivets have come off, its strongly recommended to replace the entire piston and handle assembly, especially if the pump has been in heavy use. The service kit includes internal parts that require opening the pump. Working with the service kit is only allowed for skilled personnel.

This set also contains additional O-rings that are recommended to be replaced when replacing the handle and piston assembly
- 2 x O-ring 8*2 mm for the pin bolts
- 2 x O-rings 67*3 mm for reservoir
- O-ring 4*2 for reservoir drain screw
- 2 mm hex key

The instructional video shows how to perform the service step by step. Watch video

Note! When install this item, the pump will have a new serial number. Please provide the pump's original serial number when ordering this item.

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