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Product Overview

The Beamex MC6 is an advanced, high-accuracy field calibrator and communicator. It offers calibration capabilities for pressure, temperature and various electrical signals. The MC6 can be modified for multiple purposes with various pressure modules and software options such as HART, PA and FF communication. 

The main purpose of this product page is to help you find suitable accessories to your MC6 calibrator. For more detailed information on the MC6, please visit our website at:

MC6 - Included Accessories

  • MC6 LiPo Battery pack (8081785)
  • Power supply BC15 for MC6 (8081755)
  • Power cord for AU, for BC15 (MC6), BC15-Ex (MC6-Ex), BC09-IS (MC2-IS)* (8081775
  • Power cord for EU, for BC15 (MC6), BC15-Ex (MC6-Ex), BC09-IS (MC2-IS)* (8081760)
  • Power cord for UK, for BC15 (MC6), BC15-Ex (MC6-Ex), BC09-IS (MC2-IS)* (8081770)
  • Power cord for US, for BC15 (MC6), BC15-Ex (MC6-Ex), BC09-IS (MC2-IS)* (8081765)
  • Test leads Banana to Banana (8066800)
  • Test clips, pincer clip to Banana female (8066810)
  • Test clips, alligator clip to Banana female (8066811)
  • Test leads, Thermocouple plug (copper) to banana male (copper) (8036820)
  • USB Cable for MC6, MC4, MC2 (8036700)
  • User guide (8860000)
  • Accredited Calibration certificate

*) depending on the delivery country

Internal Pressure Modules and Their Fittings.

Application Pressure module Pressure Fitting Recommended product
Barometric PB 10/32" female thread Pressure fitting 10/32" (7101150)
Differential P10 mD N/A Pressure T-hose set 10 mD, 1m (8009440)
Low (<20 bar) P100m to P20C Bx G1/8" male thread T-hose 40 bar, 1.5 m (8009550)
Internal High (60 to 160 bar) P60 to P160 G1/8" male thread Pressure T-hose set 400 bar for EXT/INT modules (8003370)

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Cases and Spare Parts

Communication cables and Test Leads