PGHH maintenance kit

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Maintenance kit includes: 

  • Pressure compensation screw and PVC gasket
  • 1/4" Bonded seal (usit) for volume
  • 1/8" Bonded seal (usit) for release valve
  • O-ring 8 x 2
  • M8 Bonded seal (usit)
  • Release valve ball

Repairs must only be carried out by the manufacturer. Cleaning the units and checking the liquid levels and quality is the only periodic maintenance required. With normal use, no further maintenance should be necessary. If required, the system can be returned to the manufacturer for reconditioning. If used with distilled water, after each work the pump including reservoir must be emptied and made dry. Working with the maintenance kit is only allowed for skilled personnel.

Please read the PGHH manual for more information: