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Product Overview

The Beamex IPRT is an industrial general-purpose temperature sensor and can also be used as industrial reference.

The temperature range of IPRT-300 is -45 to 300°C (-49 to 572 °F), sensor type is Pt100. Sensor diameter is 3 mm and length 250 mm, and it has a 3 m teflon/silicon cable with 6-pin Lemo connector, compatible with the R2 port on MC6 family calibrators or -R port on FB/MB blocks.

IPRT-300 is calibrated in calibration points -45, -25, 0, 75, 150, 225 and 300°C. Accredited calibration certificate, including sensor-specific ITS-90 and CvD correction coefficients, is always included as standard. Accuracy up to 0.04 °C can be achieved with the correction coefficients provided in the calibration certificate.